Crowns or “caps” are typically recommended on teeth that can no longer support a simple restoration or filling.  If a tooth has a large area of decay, fracture, or has been treated with a root canal it should have a crown fora  good long term prognosis. 

black lines on my teeth

Crowns are completed in two appointments:

  1.  Your tooth is “prepped” for the crown, outer layer is removed and impressions are taken to send to the lab. You will leave with a temporary crown placed. 
  2.  A lab created crown, customized to best fit your teeth on either side and opposing teeth, will be permanently placed.


Bridges are multiple crowns combined to replace a missing tooth or gap between teeth.  The process is very similar  to placing a crown.  The teeth on either side of the gap will be prepped as a crown would, an impression taken for the lab, and you will leave with a temporary bridge.  Once the bridge is returned from the lab we can permanently cement it.  We will show you how to floss your new bridge properly with a floss threader.


Check out some of our before and after crown restorations completed.