Root Canals

Root canals are performed on teeth where the nerve or blood supply of the tooth has been infected or compromised.  Usually large cavities, fractures, and sometimes even trauma will cause a tooth to “die” or become infected.   Dr. Berry can use several tests to detect if the nerve is healthy or not, and many times we can see infection on a dental x-ray.  You may or may not have pain in a tooth that needs root canal therapy.

Many people have negative thoughts about root canal procedures that stem from outdated information.  We will make sure you are always completely comfortable during any procedure at our office.

During a root canal the nerve and pulp tissues will be removed, the tooth will be cleaned and then an inert material will be used to fill the space.  Typically it is recommended to have the tooth crowned after root canal treatment to prevent fracture and future loss of the tooth. A root canal enables you to keep your existing tooth functional but removes the infection.