Sports Guards

Sports guards are an easy way to prevent catastrophic damage and trauma!

We can provide a custom fit sports guard appliance to protect your teeth and even help prevent concussions.  Any physical sport or activity that requires body contact or flying objects require a sports guard. These sports include football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, and the list goes on! Many schools require sports guards for these sports, but other activities like skateboarding and mountain biking can also result in injury. In addition, to help better protect your teeth, custom fitted sports guards are more comfortable than those bulky over the counter sports guards. We can even make your custom fitted guard in your school's team color.

It is estimated that up to 40% of dental injuries occur from sports, and of that up to 80% typically involve a front tooth!

Caring for a sports guard:

After removing sports guard it should be thoroughly rinsed and may require gentle brushing with a toothbrush.  We recommend avoiding toothpastes or alcohol mouth rinses that may break down the sports guard material.  Sports guards typically need to be replaced with each season as they wear down and most adolescents' teeth are still growing and moving, changing the fit.