Laser Dentistry

We are very excited to be trained in laser dentistry.  Lasers can be used to perform several dental procedures.  Lasers used a focused beam of light energy allowing very precise treatment area limiting trauma to surrounding areas.  There are several benefits to using lasers in dentistry including decreased bleeding, infection, pain leading to increased healing.  Some procedures do not require any anesthetic (numbing) reducing anxiety during your visit.

Some of the common procedures we are able to use lasers for you include:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort caused by sores in the mouth including cold sores and canker sores
  • Remove/ reshape gum tissue for crown or bridge placement allowing a very natural looking margin
  • Remove overgrown gums to relieve pain and improve aesthetics
  • Remove lesions- lumps, bumps, patches that do not belong, for biopsy as needed
  • Remove muscle attachment pulls that contribute to recession and gaps between the front teeth
  • Reduce infections in periodontal pockets in the treatment of gum disease
  • Aid in the exposure of implant for post and crown placement