Only Floss the Teeth You Want to Keep!

I’m sure you are like most people and dread the question you just know we are going to ask,

“Have you been flossing?”

Even though we can usually tell if you are truly flossing, we like to ask that dreaded question to start an important conversation about your dental and overall health.  We want to give  you the tools and information to keep your teeth and gums at their best, which we know will also make for a healthy body!

Flossing once a day removes bacteria and food particles otherwise left alone can cause decay and gum disease.  But we know it is easier said than done.  Flossing is tricky, the wrapping around the fingers and reaching, and sliding down the tooth while cleaning under the gums, etc.  Did you know there were other tools that can help clean between the tooth if you simply can’t (or won’t) floss?  In particular for many patients we like the waterflosser.

clean teeth


The waterflosser uses a constant stream of water pressure to irrigate around the teeth and gums.  They work great around braces, fixed bridges, crowns, and with our patients with gum disease.                               

While string floss is the gold standard for healthy teeth and gums, feel free to ask us what other tools you can be using and we will gladly show you how to use them!