No More Gap! How an Implant Can Complete Your Smile :)

dental implants

Dr. Berry has trained at Bicon Implants World Headquarters.  She wants to help close that gap in your smile and give you back your self-confidence.

She can also put a crown on an implant that you may have had placed by an oral surgeon.

Steps to getting a Dental Implant

Dental implants are a great way to replace a single tooth or even several missing teeth.  Teeth are important for smiling, eating, and feeling good about ourselves. If you are missing teeth, dental implants can probably help you smile brighter and eat better.

Check out the photo to the left to see how great a dental implant can look. This patient was so happy to have his smile back! The dental implant matches seamlessly with his other teeth. No one can even tell it is not his natural tooth.

Many people think getting dental implants is a big surgery or more costly than other ways to replace teeth but our patients that have gotten dental implants have come to find neither of these things are true!

There are many advantages of choosing a dental implant versus other tooth replacement options:

  • Dental implants reduce risk of teeth movement and periodontal (gum) disease meaning less risk of losing other teeth. Teeth like to touch side by side and meet top and bottom. When one tooth is missing it can create shifting which contributes to formation of pockets which are hard to keep clean and lead to gum disease.  So replacing the missing teeth will keep the rest of the teeth in the proper place.
  • Dental implants are easier to clean versus other replacement options such as a bridge-  Dental implants typically stand alone and do not require anchoring to adjacent teeth.  This means they can be flossed easily versus having to thread under a bridge to keep clean.
  • Dental implants cannot get cavities and do not anchor to other teeth-  This is a major advantage to dental implants.  The titanium material and crown cannot get cavities.  Where as if you replace a missing tooth with a bridge, adjacent tooth structure will need to be removed and there's risk of cavities occurring under the bridge causing it to fail and need to be replaced.

What is the process of a dental implant?

  1. If there is a tooth that needs to come out, the tooth would be removed before an implant can be placed.
  2. Implant (root portion) placed in the bone.
  3. After a few months of healing, a crown (part that can be seen in the mouth) can be placed and you have your smile back!