At Lakes Region Dental Center we utilize the most advanced technology and products to provide you with the best care possible.

Digital bitewing x-ray showing a filling on an upper pre-molar tooth.

Digital bitewing x-ray showing a filling on an upper pre-molar tooth.

Digital Radiographs- X-rays are a necessary part of the dental exam. We use very safe digital x-ray technology which uses 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Also because the images are digital, we can see them instantly and blow them up on a computer screen to show you what we see.

Intra-oral photograph showing broken tooth next to a silver (amalgam) filling.

Ultrasonic Scaling-  Our hygienists, Denise and Laura, use Cavitron scalers in the treatment and prevention of periodontal (gum) disease.  This type of scaler uses high-frequency sound waves, vibration and water to gently remove hard and soft deposits from the teeth and below the gums.


Intra-oral photography- Each operatory is equipped with an intra-oral camera which allows us to take pictures in your mouth with great detail and blow them up on a computer screen to show you exactly what we can see. For example, this a real picture taken at our office that clearly shows a broken tooth.

Extra-oral photography- Dr. Berry uses a professional grade DSLR camera with a bright LED flash to take the highest quality photos to send to our laboratory in order perfectly match a shade for a crown or bridge. This is essential for a very natural looking smile.




Magnification & LED headlamps- Both Dr. Berry and our hygienists wear special glasses called loupes which have magnification, along with a bright LED headlamp.  Using the magnification and bright light we can see every detail of your mouth for very precise treatment. 

Laser Dentistry-  Laser dentistry has become a very safe and effective way to perform many dental procedures.  Lasers use a focused beam of light energy for very targeted areas in the mouth to perform tasks such as disinfection of periodontal pockets in the treatment of gum disease and to reshape and remove tissue, in particular when getting a tooth ready for a crown. There are several benefits to using lasers including to decrease infections, bleeding, and discomfort.  We can also use the laser to help with healing and pain caused by canker and cold sores.


Continuing Education

Along with providing treatment with the most current technology, we make sure we are always keeping up to date with what is considered the dental "standard of care".  This includes taking many hours of continuing education courses and attending dental conventions, many times out of state in order to access the best speakers and products available.  

CPR certification & Medical emergency training-  Everyone here at Lakes Region Dental Center is fully certified and trained to handle medical emergencies.  Although the American Heart Association only requires CPR training every two years, the entire office renews our CPR training every single year so we have the most up to date information and are prepared to manage any medical emergency . We also have an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) onsite. An AED is an important for bringing the heart back into normal rhythm during a heart attack and preventing the damage to the brain and heart that a heart attack can cause.

Infection Protocol-  We care about our patients safety.  We comply to all CDC guidelines for proper disinfection and sterilization.  We annually update our OSHA & Infection protocols, along with having a professional review done of the office.